And we’re back with the Endless Escape walkthrough for Levels 21 to Level 30 in the game, and things do get a bit more complicated here (anyone looking for the Endless Escape Level 22 walkthrouhg?) Of course things were not going to remain as simple as they were and I am here to share with you the walkthrough and help you get past the new stages.

So let’s check out together the Endless Escape Level 21 – Level 30 Walkthrough below and let’s have fun completing the challenges!

Endless Escape Level 21 walkthrough
Pick up all the tools from the ground: seed, nails, hammer, water bucket and saw. You can scroll up and down in the inventory. Now put the seed in the ground and use the water bucket on it. Use the saw on the tree, then get the planks. Combine them with the nails and hammer in the inventory and place the table under the key. Get it and exit.

Endless Escape Level 22 walkthrough
Pick up pliers from near the plant and screwdriver from under the cabinet. Use screwdriver to remove the electrical warning hood and use the pliers to cut the wires. Now look at the big symbols as math signs and to the math with the number of sides of the shapes.

So we have: 0×4=0, 3 +5=8, 3:3=1, 5-3=2, so what we need to write as a code is 0, 8, 1, 2 (thanks, Aybo and Jenni!)

Endless Escape Level 23 walkthrough
Look at the colors of the balls on the ground and tap the balls above the door to match their colors. So first ball is red and yellow, middle one is yellow and blue and final one is blue and red

Endless Escape Level 24 walkthrough
The cube is “extracted” in the painting to the left of the door, so check it out there to know the colors on the cube to the right. Or follow this: tap the top side until you have: blue, red, green & yellow. The left side: green, blue, orange, purple. The front side: red, blue, green, purple.

And this is it, the walkthrough for the first 24 levels of the game (because that’s all we got right now) Stay tuned for the walkthrough of the rest of the levels as soon as we have them released! Don’t forget to share this with your friends if it was helpful!

UPDATE: The walkthrough for levels 25 – 36 has been published (click the link to visit!)