And I am back with a new set of walkthrough guides for Endless Escape on Android. This time it’s the right moment to check out the solution of the latest levels: the Endless Escape Level 41 walkthrough, Endless Escape Level 42 walkthrough, Endless Escape Level 43 walkthrough, Endless Escape Level 44 walkthrough, Endless Escape Level 45 walkthrough and Endless Escape Level 46 walkthrough. So five new really difficult and interesting levels, with the solutions below.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the complete walkthrough for Endless Escape Level 41 – 46!

Endless Escape Level 41 walkthrough

It’s a color puzzle: we have the right colors of the shape in the upper right corner and the instructions on how the shapes in the bottom right (the ones that we must complete) should look like in the lower left. So tap until you have the top (dark blue) with the triangle facing up, right, red, facing right, bottom, orange, acing up and left, light blue, facing left, as in the image below:

Endless Escape Level 42 walkthrough

This is a really tricky one: put one finger on the top right side of the frame and one on the bottom left and bring your fingers together (as trying to zoom out). The real door will appear and you can exit after taking the key.

Endless Escape Level 43 walkthrough

Following the pattern on the images to the left, we find out that we have to add the numbers on the top and bottom left, then subtract the bottom right number. So we have 24 + 37 – 6 = 55. So tap 55 in the middle and you are free to exit!

Endless Escape Level 44 walkthrough

Get the items from the axe: top of the tree, base of the tree and left side. Combine the axe with sharpener, then add it to the handle, then use the axe on the tree (to use the axe, select it in your inventory and shake the phone until the tree falls). Now get the key and exit!

Endless Escape Level 45 walkthrough

Following the guide to the left (3 pink windmill planks, because we have 27 divided by nine and colors red + white, which is pink). This means that on the right we must get 5 turbines, purple color. Arrange them with one free space in between, starting from the top, as you can see in the image below:

Endless Escape Level 46 walkthrough

This one is very tricky and involves us getting back in the past :) This means that we have to select Options – and select Stage 1. There will be a key there – go back to level 46 and use it to exit!

And this is it! This is the Endless Escape walkthrough for some of the new stages of the game, level 41 to level 46. You can check out the previous walkthrough and make sure to come back soon for more!

UPDATE: Walkthrough for level 47 & Level 48 has been posted!


  1. I just finished the 47th level. I loved it ! I liked the way you mixed the easy with the not so easy. That way I don’t feel like a total dummy when I use some of the cheats. I think I may have used 6 or 7 cheats to complete the quest. That tells me I want be breaking anyone out of prison anytime soon but I don’t have to be feed with a spoon. Just keep these types of games coming. HOT STIK

  2. omg u have done it again to me :”( the one level im stuck on and theres no cheat stuck on level 47 y cant ya just go to level 80 at least i would have some chance of finishing this game b4 christmas hhheeelllpppp some1 plz my hubby goin mad cuz i spend allday and most of the night on this game x


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