Renowned escape the room developers Gameday have decided to launch Doors&Rooms on Android, an amazingly well done escape the room game divided into chapters. I am here to share with you a Doors&Rooms walkthrough for the first set of missions, or the Doors&Rooms: Chapter 1 Rusty Key walkthrough, guiding you through the first set of missions in the game. So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the walkthrough for Doors&Rooms below!

First of all, you will have to tap the 1-1 noted key to actually start the game!

Doors&Rooms Level 1 – 1 Walkthrough
Simply tap the door and exit.

Doors&Rooms Level 1 – 2 Walkthrough
Tap the lock on the door in the lower right area, tap it again to open and exit

Doors&Rooms Level 1 – 3 Walkthrough
Tap the hammer to take it. Select it in your inventory (in your upper right corner) and use it on the glass to break it. Move the screen down by dragging and dropping, take the key and exit (you have to select the key in your inventory to open the door).

Doors&Rooms Level 1 – 4 Walkthrough
Tap the top drawer and get a capsule from inside. Open your inventory and select the capsule, then select Dismantle in your inventory. Select the key and use it to open the door.

Doors&Rooms Level 1 – 5 Walkthrough
Get the batteries and remote control from the ground. In your inventory, combine the batteries and remote, and use the remote on the hole to the left of the door. Take the key and exit.

Doors&Rooms Level 1 – 6 Walkthrough
Tap the note on the wall to the left. Look at it in the inventory and notice the code: 2531. Use the code on the panel on the right wall and get the key. Use it to open the door and proceed to the next level!

Doors&Rooms Level 1 – 7 Walkthrough
You have to be quick! Tap the present on the ground and in your inventory, Dismantle it. You can read the note which says that the door opens after 30 seconds. So quickly tap the dynamite and use it. Then tap the big iron fridge to the right and place the dynamite inside. After it explodes, you can move to the next level!

Doors&Rooms Level 1 – 8 Walkthrough
Notice the big E on the floor. Tap the panel to the right of the door and tap the buttons so you have an E letter there. Open the door and move forward!

Doors&Rooms Level 1 – 9 Walkthrough
You need to tap the glass panels on the ground in the correct order. Mine was 4, 2, 3, 1 but apparently it changes every time. Just tap them until you have them right, then get the key and exit.

Doors&Rooms Level 1 – 10 Walkthrough
Write the number code: 7239

And this is it! This is the walkthrough for Doors&Rooms Chapter 1: Rusty Key for all its stages. These were just the beginning and were some pretty simple stages, and the difficult part only now begins. So stay tuned with Unigamesity for the rest of the walkthrough guides for the next chapters of this great escape the room game!

Update: the Walkthrough for Chapter 2 has been posted, so check it out if you need help!