We are back with the walkthrough for Doors&Rooms on Android, with the walkthrough for the latest levels of chapter three: Level 3-6 and Level 3-7. It has been an incredible challenge to complete these new levels and I am sure you have had your trouble as well, so this walkthrough will surely prove to be extremely helpful. So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the Doors&Rooms Level 3-6 and Level 3-7 walkthrough!

Doors&Rooms Level 3-6

Get a bandage from the right bed. Get a cutter from the top drawer and the pearl necklace hanging near the left bed. Tap the pillow and get a piece of paper. Also, get the bottle on the floor.
Use the pearls on the top right side of the window binds and tap the same region to reveal the code: if you unite the symbols to the right with the ones to the left, you get the code: PLEDGE
Go all the way to the right and get a rope from under the bed.
Tap the painting on the wall. In your inventory, combine the bottle with the bandage and use it with the red house in the painting. Use the cutter with the X.
Now tap the laptop on the bed. Enter the code (pledge) then notice that the symbols for the signs shown on the screen would be 9660.
Go to the safe discovered under the X and enter this code – take a key.
Use the key on the window and open them. Use the rope with the radiator and tap the window again to exit.

Doors&Rooms Level 3-7

Let’s pick up a bunch of items first: a small blue bottle from the top counter, a small grey one from the drawers to the left, and all the items from the drawers down. Then get the blood samples from the safe on the table and check out the chart on the table, as well as the one on the wall. We’ll get back tot his later.
Go right and get a small paper from between the black bottles. Check it out for some clues.
Go to the microscope and put the head on it as well as the other piece. Place the blood samples under the microscope and tap to look.
Go back to the chart on the table and use the colored bottles with it for the blood clues. We find out that the patients’ blood is: Sila (AB), Uj (RH-O), Ruly (A), Aska (RH-A) Miro (B), Max (O)
Then look at the paper with the cells and do the maths to get the results. White circle is 3, black circle is 2 and star is 1.
Look at the microscope and check out the numbers for each of the patients. But we have to use them as blood type numbers! So get to the door and enter the code: 697956 and you can exit!

And this is it! The walkthrough for Doors&Rooms: Chapter 3 (Silent Hospital) is complete with the latest levels finally ready! These were two really difficult levels and I love the level of challenge, even though it’s ruining my social life :) Hopefully, however, the walkthroughs will help you too and you get the most out of the game.

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