I am here with the Doors&Rooms walkthrough for Chapter 3, Silent Hospital in order to share with you the solution to level 3-1, level 3-2 and so on, until the end of the chapter, with the walkthrough to Doors&Rooms level 3-10.

These new levels in this Android game are really difficult, so it will take us a while to complete them, but I am here to share with you the walkthrough and hopefully things will be a lot easier afterward!

Doors&Rooms Level 3-1 Walkthrough

Tap and drag up to reveal a box – tap it and get the can from inside. Now tap and move right, so you can tap the plate number on the car. Use the can with it to reveal the code: 5728. Tap the doors of the ambulance and use this code to open the doors and take the crowbar. Select the crowbar in your inventory and use it to open the front door of the car. Tap inside and turn the engine on to reveal the color code for the door (it’s on the back of the ambulance): yellow, green, red, blue.

Doors&Rooms Level 3-2 Walkthrough

1. Get the CD from the shelves behind the desk. Disassemble it in your inventory and take the CD, then use it with the computer.
2. We see that the password is C4 + A3 + B1 – E3 This is the code for the shelves in the back and we should look at them as the table. So imaginary put letters from A to F above the shelves from left to right, and numbers from 1 to 5 from top to bottom.
3. So C4 is a photo with code 1221. A3 is a plate with 1983. B1 are Books with 2485 and and E3 is 2012. So the code is 3677
4. Tap the safe on the last row and enter the code and get the key. Use it to open the door and proceed to the next level.

Doors&Rooms Level 3-3 Walkthrough

1. Drag the image up and take the charts from the top of the drawers, then open the left drawer to get an ID.
2. In your inventory, observe both the items – note that the ID has the 1485 numbers, while the chart has blood types.
3. Tap the box on the drawer and use the code (1485) to open and get an USB drive from there. Use the USB drive and place it in the projector on the drawers.
4. Draw the image to see the patient. Using the guides of patient parts and numbers in the chart, we can now fill out the big code on the wall as seen in the image below:

5. Get the bone from inside and observe it – SHADOW. So use that bone and put it in front of the chart on the brown desk and look at the shadow for the code: 31371. Go to the door and use this code to open it!

Doors&Rooms Level 3-4 Walkthrough

1. Drag the images down and get the pool stick parts from the table and the ground and also get the chalk from the couch. In your inventory, combine the two pieces of the stick.
2. Drag the screen to the right and get another chalk from the microwave oven and a piece of paper from the trash. There is also a third piece of chalk on the ground in front of the door – take it too!
3. Move to the left corner and use the pool stick on the coin on the ceiling. Get it from the floor and use it on the drinks machine – get the can of coke and observe it (we have 5 red, 4 purple, 3 blue, 2 orange and 1 white buttons) This is the code for the panel to the left of the machine. Check it out in the image below:

4. In your inventory, dismantle the piece of paper to get a new bit of chalk and a piece of paper with numbers and colors. Using this piece of paper as a guide and the color lines on the TV, we get the code 43158.
5. Use this code on the door and you can exit!

Doors&Rooms Level 3-5 Walkthrough

1. Drag the image up and take scalpel from the table and look at the monitor for clue.
2. Tap the sheets to reveal a bear. Use the scalpel on its abdomen and tap the opening. Using the monitor on the left, we can make the average of red and the average of orange, which are: 90 and 75. Take the id card.
3. Move right and take a radiography from the sink. Move left and use the radiography on the window. Use the ID card on the control panel to the right of the door and 8888 red numbers will light up above.
4. Now, if you are to imagine putting the bits from the radiography over the numbers, you would get the word: PUSH. So tap the control to the right of the door and tap these buttons: P U S H. Exit!

And this is it! The walkthrough for the first set of levels of Doors&Rooms, Level 3-1 to Level 3-5 is complete. I will shortly post the update with the walkthrough for the rest of five stages so stay tuned with us!

Update: I have managed to finally post the Doors&Rooms Level 3-6 and Level 3-7 walkthrough, make sure to check it out!

Or you can go and check out the Doors&Rooms walkthrough for Chapter 2 if you need any help!