The Moron Test is another app that tries to see just how smart you are and if you can think out of the box. Of course, it’s not all easy, so I am here to share with you a complete The Moron Test walkthrough for Section 1 – Old School. I have all the answers in the correct order, so let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the Moron Test answers below!

Level 1: tap the red button

Level 2: tap Earth, Sun, Planet

Level 3: tap + sign

Level 4: tap the eggs from the left first (starting up), then those to the right.

Level 5: tap Red, Blue, Green.

Level 6: tap the duck in the lower right corner.

Level 7: touch the bee

Level 8: tap orange and green

Level 9: tap green and blue

Level 10: tap the computer mouse

Level 11: tap the ducks from biggest to smallest

Level 12: 5

Level 13: 9

Level 14: touch the blue icon

Level 15: tap the button 4 times

Level 16: touch the top right object

Level 17: bottom right egg, top left and the remaining one.

Level 18: bottom right duck

Level 19: middle top

Level 20: middle

And we will continue the Moron Test Walkthrough with all the stages soon! Stay tuned!