We’ve had a pretty quiet week, with generally positive news and no more studio closures, staff cutting or other recession-related trouble, which is a really great thing! I’m sure that the same view is shared by Xbox 360 fans, who might get Final Fantasy IV: The After from Square Enix. Also, fans of Indiana Jones will be happy too since it appears that a new game in the series will be released soon: Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings.

Now, if we’re to talk about already released games, we had some very good news for PC owners, too: using a simple hack, it is possible to enjoy Mirror’s Edge in third person, which is actually not as cool as it sounds, but it’s still worth a try! Now another hack which, for the moment, is a must if you happen to own the PC version of Gears of War: you’ll have to change your system’s date, since DRM problems make GoW for PC unplayable!

This could be a good reason to start drinking to forget about the problems, but I know you won’t do such a thing. However, the people who came up with another game-related study seem to have a different opinion, since they consider that gamers are more likely to have drinking and drug problems. And there was another study released this week, one claiming that Nintendo’s Brain Training games don’t train our brain, after all…

Still, these studies have no powers to hurt the industry: we have our own “study” to prove it: the bestselling games of 2008 – and we’re talking about tens of millions of game units in the top 10 only! And even though Midway and their recently released Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe are not in the top 10, it appears that the game still had some pretty solid sales – therefore, the company announced that it’s already hard at work on the next Mortal Kombat game!

And if we’re still in the “Top 10” area, why not take a look at how cool 2009 will be and check out the 10 hottest PS3 games to be released this year, as well as the 10 hottest upcoming Wii titles?