thin-lizzyA new month has started and Harmonix did not waste any time: tomorrow, on February 3, we’ll be getting the first seven tracks for February. Nikko, Thin Lizzy, The Pretenders and Pat Benatar will be the artists who will offer some extra challenge to Rock Band fans all over the world. Below is the full track listing:

Pat Benatar – “Hit Me with Your Best Shot”
The Pretenders – “Precious”
Thin Lizzy – “Boys Are Back in Town (live)”
Thin Lizzy – “Cowboy Song (live)”
Thin Lizzy – “Jailbreak (live)”
Nikko – “Break My Heart”
Nikko – “Don’t Tell Me”

The Nikko songs will be the cheapest, at 80 MS Points while all other tracks will be purchasable for 160 points. Also, if you’re a Thin Lizzy fan, you can get the three pack for 440 MS Points.