kristIf there are people believing that games like Rock Band can help them become real rock stars, they should change their mind since the reality is completely different. For example Nirvana’s bassist Krist Novoselic finds it very hard to play his own songs in Harmonix’ game.

Speaking with Seattle Weekly, he admitted that he tried to play “In Bloom,” Nirvana’s track available in Rock Band, but without any success: “The game reminded me of Space Invaders,” he said. “I tried to hit the notes cascading down the screen, but could barely keep up.” OK, so tough rockers sucked at Space Invaders – it happens.

But the important thing is Rock Band now: although the bassist finds it so difficult to play the game, he still sees the benefits of the genre: according to him, music games lead to a revival of “bands that have been around for a long time “. So long they can’t even play the games promoting their work.