The Age of the Educational Video Game: Can Minecraft open the Doors to a career in Property Development? –
Things tend to move in a cyclical manner when it comes to technology, regardless of which sector you care to consider. Take video games, for example, which were once considered to be the bane of society and a decidedly negative influence on an entire generation of youngsters.

While this opinion still remains in some quarters, it now longer reflects the dominant attitude to gaming. Thanks to the proliferation of educational games that can help youngsters to achieve everything from the development of cognitive skills to practical knowledge of the workplace, gaming is now considered in a far more favourable light than it was previously.

How Minecraft can help your child to learn about Property

Minecraft is arguably the seminal educational game in the field, as it has the capacity to aid learning across a multitude of genres and mediums. From mining and foraging to the development of structures, Minecraft is a game that teachers players practical skills in a fun and interactive environment. The last point is particularly interesting, as some consider Minecraft to be the ideal game for acquiring an interest in the property market and the construction of buildings.

This assumption carries weight, especially when you consider that Minecraft essentially educates layers on every single aspect of the building process. To begin with, it encourages players to forage for natural resources and materials, so that they can develop an understanding of each and how they are used in construction. They are then required to invest time into the careful laying of foundations, before building a structure from a range of available options.

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Aside from these practical skills, Minecraft also has the unique to engage youngsters with a profitable and lucrative industry. After all, the property market is continuing to boom in the UK and around the world, creating tremendous sentiment and a rising number of prosperous and diverse job opportunities. By educating youngsters on the fundamental principles of the building trade through a fun and unusual medium, Minecraft is contributing towards the development of a motivated generation.

Learning through Gaming: The Future of Education?

These skills are always valuable, regardless of the state of the property market. Just as home-owners screamed ‘help sell my house fast’ in the wake of the great recession, many are looking to add tangible in a thriving market seven years later. There are far greater opportunities in a prosperous market, however, and Minecraft is laying the educational foundations for the next generation of adults to cash in on this.

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In some respects, games such as Minecraft may represent the future of education. It certainly underlines the importance of learning though interaction and technology, especially for those who want to develop practical and relevant skills.


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