rock band encoreHarmonix is closing down support for the Rock Band Network, it has been announced.

The service allowed users to create their own tracks and upload them for others to play on Rock Band.

In a post on their forums, Harmonix said that since they stopped supporting the game with DLC in February 2013, the Rock Band Network had been “plagued by technical issues”. They say that: “As a result, we will no longer be taking any submissions or releasing new content through RBN.”

The network had been running for four years and had a total of 2,121 songs uploaded to it. All content already on the network will still be available to download.

“When the crew here at Harmonix first started developing a tool that would allow Rock Band fans, artists, and labels to put their own songs into Rock Band we had no idea that it would spawn a community that was nothing short of ravenous in their pursuit of new tracks,” Harmonix said. “Even if we had been able to anticipate the level of enthusiasm, we certainly couldn’t have predicted that the RBN authors would generate a body of work that so quickly eclipsed the official Harmonix output.”

They continued by saying: “We are eternally grateful to all the Creators, authors, testers, labels, bands, and fans that have supported Rock Band Network since its inception. The team here at Harmonix remains committed to exploring opportunities for user generated content, as well as the ability to personalize your experience with our games. We can only hope that the next time we approach a similar initiative the community is as dedicated and enthusiastic as this community has been.”

Rock Band 3, the last game of the series to be released, came out back in October 2010.

What are your memories of the Rock Band Network? Are you sad to see it finally close?