20121024014944!The_Elder_scrolls_online_logoBethesda has revealed details of the first expansion pack for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, called Imperial City.

The DLC will be released on the 31st August on PC, the 15th September on Xbox One and the 16th September on PS4. It will be free for those with a current membership at the time to ESO Plus, or can be purchased from the ESO Store for 2,500 crowns. For reference, 3000 crowns costs £14.99 on the PC/Mac store.

The story features the Imperial City in ruins after being claimed by Molag-Bal’s forces. It will feature new quests, characters and enemies, for example Molag-Bal’s personal guard, the Xivkyn.

Imperial City will feature the six Imperial City Districts, along with a new PvP public dungeon, The Imperial Sewers as well as two group dungeons which feature both normal and veteran versions, called White-Gold Tower and Imperial City Prison.

There will also be 23 new Veteran Rank 16 weapons and armour, as well as a new currency to purchase these new items called Tel Var Stones. Along these are DLC exclusive collectables: pets, polymorphs, and a costume.

There will also be Treasure Vaults that will contain new Veteran Rank 16 jewellery along with a chance of rarer finds.

You can take a look at the DLC in the trailer below:

[Source: Bethesda]