nfs-onlieWith the release of Need For Speed: Undercover, Electronic Arts learned that major changes should be made in order to keep the NFS franchise up and running and, most important, successful. There were rumors that EA might stop producing games in the franchise in the future, but that’s not correct: they plan to expand the racing game to new platforms and categorie.

“We recognize racing videogame fans are very passionate and unique — they want customized gameplay experiences. Whether it’s more of a realistic driving game with accurate car physics or over-the-top cop chases, we are making different games for different audiences,” said Keith Munro, vice president of marketing, Need for Speed. “Each game provides a deep, engaging and rich racing experience. We’re giving players the option to choose the best racing title that suits their style of gameplay.”

Therefore, no less than three Need For Speed titles will hit the market this year! We’ll get Need For Speed SHIFT this Autumn, a game designed to deliver a true driver’s experience that reflects contemporary motorsports. Developed behind people who worked for GT Legends and GTR 2, Need for Speed SHIFT promises to replicate the true feeling of racing. That would be cool…

We’ll also get this autumn Need For Speed NITRO, an arcade racing title developed for Wii and DS only. The game will be developed by EA’s Montreal Studio and it promises to get the gamers hooked the moment they start playing: players can build up their boost as they drift and drag behind their opponents and use it strategically to change the course of the race – if they can stay clear off cops.

Finally, the last title will be released in Winter 2009 and it’s called Need For Speed World Online. As the name suggests, it will be a racing MMO which will offer access to licensed cars, parts and multiple game modes. And an online matchmaking feature to keep you playing on and on. For free, which is a strange thing to hear from Electronic Arts!