ffivSquare Enix seems to have a strong bond with Microsoft nowadays: first, the company announced that Final Fantasy XIII will come to Xbox 360 consoles too, then the company delayed the Western release of FFXIII to 2010 since, even though the PS3 version was ready, the Xbox 360 one was not and more recently the publishers released two XBLA titles.

It seems that things are not going to stop here after all, just as Microsoft stated recently. A company rep said: “Beginning with these two games, Square Enix plans to release a steady stream of its popular titles – as well as original content – on Xbox LIVE Arcade”

“Popular titles” includes Final Fantasy IV as well and the folks over at 1UP started to play with the URLs over at the official Xbox website and discovered the existence of this one which clearly proves that sooner or later we’ll see a FFIV game on Xbox 360 consoles. The website considers that we’re actually going to see the Final Fantasy IV: The After released on XBLA, since the game was recently released on mobile phones. Time will tell us for sure.


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