glacier2I’m sure you felt that Nintendo’s Wii console lacks some quality combat racing games and so did Team6, Dutch developers who seem to have a crush on racing titles. Therefore, the company decided to make its Wii debut and started to develop Glacier2, which, despite the name, is not a sequel.

However, it does seem to be a potential solid title: the game starts at the very top of the Alps and, you’ve guessed it – you have to race down the mountains! While it goes faster and faster, you’ll have to avoid obstacles like cliffs or falling rocks while trying to aim your weapons (from rockets to machine guns and even land mines) at your opponents. Yes, this really sounds cool!

Glacier2 will feature 18 different tracks, 7 vehicles – each with its own pro’s and con’s and, of course, endless hours of fun. Team6 did not specify if the game has multiplayer, but without it such a game would be an epic fail, so I guess they just forgot to mention it. They also forgot to tell us when should we expect to see the game on store shelves, but we’re keeping our eyes wide open and will update you as soon as we have news.