Definitely a gamer!As if it wasn’t enough that gamers are considered “geeks with no social lives”, a new study tries to add “who do drugs and drink alcohol” as a long tail: according to the results, gamers are more likely to take drugs and drink alcohol. More likely than “normal” people, as the study says, which probably should be translated as “non-gamers”. I wonder if a granny who plays Bejeweled daily is a drunken, drug addict gamer or not…

According to CVG, who discovered the incredible study, Professor Laura Walker led the research and noted: “The most striking part is that everything we found clustered around video game use is negative.” In other words, out of the 800 students questioned, gamers were 10 percent more likely to drink or take drugs (I wonder how did they establish that).

Hardcore gamers, though, are even more dangerous: they’re three times more likely to smoke cannabis, while female gamers have a low esteem. And drink. And excuse my language, but this study is crap. Did you ever try to play a game while being drunk? Just imagine how tough it would be to strike the perfect combination in GH or press the right buttons while running on walls in Prince of Persia!



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