indiana-jones-and-the-staff-of-kingsThere were lots of rumors recently regarding the existence (or nonexistence) of a new Indiana Jones game and it appears that both stories are kind of correct: a new Indiana Jones Game really is under development, but not as a Xbox 360 and PS3 game. Instead, it appears that the new Indy game will be a Wii title – Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings.

An unofficial but apparently genuine trailer appeared on YouTube and you can watch it below for some really cool impressions: you’ll see Indy dealing with a couple of big guys in a bar, running through different environments, grabbing a golden statue and eventually running into the military. The best thing is that apparently the game has nothing to do with the latest Indiana Jones movie, which further means that there are no aliens in sight. Thank God for that!

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings won’t be a Wii exclusive, though: according to different rumors, the game will also have a DS version and a PlayStation one (which is more likely the PSP or PS2, and not the PS3). It seems to be a really strange move, but I’m sure that the developers know what’s best for their game. Until more official details arise, check out the new Indiana Jones trailer below and share your opinion on it: