The amazing deal that was until now only available for PCs is, starting today, available on Android too: the Humble Bundle (or, as I like to call it, the Amazing Humble Indie Bundle) can be purchased from the Android store for the next 13 days, offering top quality games for the price you want to pay.

That’s right! The same concept behind the original bundle has been kept, meaning that you can get a bundle of 4 indie games for whatever the price you want to pay (1 cent, if you wish!)

The good news is that the games are cross-platform, meaning that they work on Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. Also, all the games are DRM free and you even get to choose how much of what you pay goes to the game developers themselves, charity or even those who are holding the Humble Bundle content.

I am sure you’re curious to see the list of games available for the first Android Humble Bundle, so check it out below:

– World of Goo
– Anomaly Warzone Earth HD
– Osmos

It’s a deal that you simply can’t say no to, so head over to Humble Bundle and get this pack of premium games for your Android phone!