Pretty soon, your iOS powered device will be the host for one brand new physics-based puzzler, Flexy Frogs. The upcoming game (which is coming soon, according to the developers) is created by TikGames and challenges players to save cute, green, frog-like animals by grouping them back together.

As you can imagine, it won’t be an easy task as solid aiming and concentration will be required: you will have to fling the flexy frogs around each level using the touchscreen and a motion like pulling back on a rubber band – then launch them towards other frogs to form a Flexy (a group). Moves must be planned carefully, as Flexies can only be flung a certain number of times per level. In each level, players must use objects like switches or teleporters and avoid traps like fire or splitters that break larger Flexies into smaller ones. Players must also be sure to prevent the Flexy Frogs’ natural enemies, Grugs, from eating them. Uuuuu!

You can check out the thumbnail in the upper left corner (click to enlarge) to see how Flexy Frogs will look like once they make their way to the App Store and most definitely give the game a try because it seems that it will be a free to play one (although nothing is confirmed at the moment).