Popular mobile game developer Game Insight has just released a new app for the Android-powered devices, Big Business. The game might be already familiar to you because it’s available on major social networks like Facebook or Bebo.

Big Business, despite its name, is more of a social city builder than an economical simulator, but it’s nevertheless fun to play and has some really amazing graphics (as you can see by clicking on the thumbnail to the right or in the image below).

In the game, you must use your entrepreneurial skills to organize and grow your own thriving business. The stand-out feature of Big Business is its unique setting in which the player is faced by the same problems as real-life business moguls. Aside from completing tasks that drive the storyline, players purchase factories to manufacture desired products, cultivate and harvest crops, provide the city with electricity, all while carefully managing their financial resources. All the most captivating aspects of high-stakes business are represented in the game and you’ll certainly have a lot of fun trying them out.

Here is one more image to show you just how good Big Business looks like and, probably, how a dream city should also look like:

As I said, Big Business is now available as a free app on Android and you can get it right now from the Android market. Have fun building your city.