The highest anticipated PC game of the year, Maxis’ Spore will not only rule the PC sales figures (it’s just a feeling I have, no official data yet), but the iPhone and iPod ones, too, since Electronic Arts has announced that by the end of the month Apple’s going to feel some sweet Spore love. Of course, it will be a reciprocal thing, since EA’s game will feel the excitement of the accelerometer as players will tilt, turn and twist their devices in order to play the game. And I think that everybody will be extremely happy with that.

We’re really excited to bring Spore Origins to the iPhone and iPod touch,” said Travis Boatman, VP at EA Mobile. “By leveraging the unique capabilities of these devices, players can customize their own creatures and shape their destiny in an exciting evolutionary journey.

Spore Origins (that’s the full name of the iPhone and iPod version of the game) clearly looks different from its PC relative, which only seems natural, since we’re talking about two different platforms… However, the version for Apple’s technology looks absolutely great and I think we can say that the 35 levels and two game modes which will be available to the fans of mobile gaming will be enough for a true mobile Sporeperience. Even more, the Creature Creator is there, too, so each of us geeks will be able to impress chicks with our Penizaur created on the go. Joy, joy!