What’s better than having 6 great games available to play whenever you want, how about the ability to choose how much you pay. Yes, that means right up to $4,000 if you choose (which Minecraft creator notch donated) down to a single penny/ cent. That’s pretty amazing right; well it gets better because you can choose for your money to go to charity if you choose or straight to the developer. An incredible deal for sure so make sure you get in on the action before the deal ends next Tuesday.

The games on offer in this iteration of the humble bundle are Crayon Physics Deluxe (which challenges the player with drawing object to make an ‘awesome’ solution to getting a ball to the objective), Cogs (a game that makes you move pieces of a machine to turn the cogs and make it come to life), VVVVVV (alter gravity in order to reach an ultimate goal), Hammerfight (probably the best in the bundle which cast the player in the shoes a machine fighter pilot-best description I can give it- and in controller purely by moving the controller in a sweeping motion), And Yet it Moves ( a game similar to VVVVVV in style but very different in execution with a more serious tone) and finally Steel Storm (a top down shooter where you control a ship and fight massively varied enemies and complete in game objectives and is probably the most replayable out of the bunch.

As you can see it’s a great offer and if you pay higher than everybody else’s average ($5.41 at time of this being written) you get another five games from Humble Bundle #2. All games can be redeemed from Steam. The link is here www.humblebudle.com

UPDATE- as of today, the game Atom Zombie Smasher has also been added to the list of games making this deal even more unmissable