For the fans of the genre, FIFA Manager was already a pretty flawless game, but Electronic Arts and Bright Future proved that improvements can always be made, therefore the announcement of FIFA Manager 12 came to surprise us all: over 700 improvements have been made to a game that certainly promises to be at its best this year.

Before deciding upon the changes in FIFA Manager 12, Bright Future listened to propositions from fans who voted the most important changes they wanted to see in the game. Therefore, the new version of FIFA Manager will also include goodies like “Speeches Before The Match”, “European Cup Final Match”, “Open Trials for New Players”, new tutorial “Manager Challenges,” and an extension of the last 24 hours of the transfer market.

Basically, all the areas of the game have been tweaked and improved for a better experience, so expect to see a better looking 3D match engine filled with smarter players who react more naturally to what’s happening on the pitch, as well as an improved user interface that makes your job as a manager a lot easier than before.

The financial aspect in FIFA Manager 12 has been also improved and made more realistic: the success of your squad on-pitch will influence sales – which is something I am really happy to hear. So, in the end, I am sure that this year’s edition of the game will be the best that has been released by now. And I guess that Bright Future have managed to bring the game even closer, in terms of depth and quality, to their main competitor, Football Manager.