Yup, it happened again! The nice folks over at Big Fish Games have launched yet another hidden object adventure game, one that has all the chances of becoming a classic. We’re talking about Strange Discoveries: Aurora Peak, a game that you must download if you are a fan of the genre.

Uncover the secrets of a picturesque mountain resort in Strange Discoveries: Aurora Peak! The town of Aurora Peak was a wonderful place when you were growing up – the locals were friendly, and the mountain was peaceful and inviting. Things have changed since you were kid. When you come back to town years later, you see that an ominous cloud hangs over the mountain, and plants and animals in the area have started to… change. It seems to be natural phenomenon connected to some strange local crystals. But the devious plot you start to uncover could endanger the entire world!

Not only that the story is really interesting and well told in the game (with complete voiceovers too!) but also the graphics in the game are absolutely beautiful. We also have some great balance between the puzzles and hidden object scenes and even though there are no real breakthroughs in terms of puzzles, everything remains challenging and nice all the way to the end.

What does this mean? Well, it means that you should really consider downloading Strange Discoveries: Aurora Peak from Big Fish Games if you are a fan of the genre, so make sure you at least check out the one hour demo of this great game!