The folks over at Big Fish Games have done it again! They managed to secure the release of a charmingly beautiful adventure game for the fans of the genre: Forest Legends: The Call of Love. With beautiful graphics, smart puzzles and most important, a great story, this game will certainly offer a few nice hours of solid entertainment to all those who play it.

Here is the game’s description: “Deep in the heart of an enchanted forest, a forbidden love blooms. Guide the human Eveline as she sets out to rescue her beloved from the clutches of a tyrant, learns the truth about magic and discovers her extraordinary destiny! Epic in scope and exploring themes of love and belief, Forest Legends:The Call of Love will captivate you from beginning to end!”

Bringing to the genre new interesting mini games (or at least a new approach to them), potion brewing and many more surprises, we consider Forest Legends: The Call of Love a must play! Probably ladies will love this one a bit more than the male audience, but in the end a good game is a good game no matter what your gender is.

If you are curious to give this game a try (and we say you should), head over to Big Fish Games and download Forest Legends: The Call of Love!