After the hiatus during the Steam Summer Sale, Greenlight has kicked back into gear, with a whopping 14 games.

The 14 games range in terms of the media attention they’ve been getting. Shelter, a survival style game where you play as a badger mother who must look after her cubs has cropped up here and there over the last few months. The same is true of BROFORCE, a parody of the typical manly man 80s action movies.

Operation Black Mesa is a full recreation of the Half Life expansion Opposing Forces using the Source Engine, similar to last year’s Black Mesa, which was a fan remake of the original Half Life game.

Some of the other games are a little less well known, such as A Hat in Time, Among the Sleep, Centration, Chasm, Darkwood, Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut, Divekick, Operation Black Mesa, Project Awakened, Recruits, Rekoil and StarMade .

As always, the fact that these games have been Greenlit does not mean that they’re necessarily done, and many of the games (Such as Shelter) are still in development. When the games are completed, they’ll be released on Steam.