I love the way sim games are heading, offering us complex experiences and incredible ideas (when I say this, I think about Don’t Starve, for example). Stardew Valley seems to be one of those games that you will simply get to love even though one of your biggest goals there would be to… create a perfect farm.

Don’t be scared, though! We’re not talking about a FarmVille casual clone, but about an intense and amazing concept, offering a ton of exploration, 4 player co-op modes, caves with monsters ready to be slayed and basically a bit of everything you would like to top your game pie with in order to make it extremely delicious.

Described as an “open-ended country life RPG” by its creator, Stardew Valley lets you do anything and everything from turning your plot of land into an amazing farm, shape the future of the community you’re in, get married, over 100 crafting recipes and even cave exploring for the thrill seekers.

The game is expected to be launched sometime during this summer and I personally can’t wait to get my hands on it and give it a try. I am sure you will, but since there’s still some time left until you can download Stardew Valley, looking at its first gameplay trailer should be enough:

Thanks PC Gamer for spotting this little gem!