A New game made by Gazzy Boy. This game seemed pretty easy from the Start, but it turned out to be a really bad game in the end, leaving awful hints on finding codes. Anyways, here is a small walkthrough for those who need it :)

Full Speed V1: Lift Escape guide:

1. Click on the Handrail right in front of you (Handrail = The long line on the wall, which you hold on an Elevator), to zoom in! If you look at it’s Top-Right corner once zoomed in, you’ll see a small rectangle with a bit lighter Green color than the Handrail. Click to take the Rubber [Or you can just click on the Right-Middle of the Handrail], and zoom out!

2. Move Right Twice! Click at the Bottom-Middle of the Elevator Door, to zoom in that part of the Door. Take the Screw Driver Shaft on Bottom-Right corner of the Door, and zoom out!

3. Move Twice Right! You see the Dark Outlines on the Floor, near the Middle of it. Click to zoom in, and click inside the Outlines to open the Control Box! Once opened, click inside to zoom in. Take the Paper [Middle-Left side], and the Thread [Near Bottom-Right side]. In your Inventory, drag the Green Rubber, and release it on the Screw Driver Shaft, to combine them. Drag the Paper, and release it on the Screw Driver Shaft. Drag the Thread, and release it on the Screw Driver Shaft, and there you have a complete Screw Driver. Remember to zoom out!

4. Click on the Plug Socket/Point [Bottom-Right corner of the Wall right ahead of you], to zoom in! Use your Screw Driver on all the 4 Screws, and click the Plug Socket/Point to remove it. Take the Cutting Plier from inside the Plug Socket/Point, and zoom out!

5. Click on the Control Panel on floor [The Dark outlines on Top-Middle of floor], to zoom in. Click to open, and click inside to zoom in! Use the Cutting Plier on following wires:

Top Wire: Just use the Cutting Plier on the Black Hole, where the Wires are coming from
Bottom Wire: Near the Black Hole, you see that the Green Wire isn’t visible one the end [Only Blacks & Reds]. Use Cutting Plier where the Green Wire ends [The point before it’s invisible]
Left-Side Wire: Use the Cutting Plier a bit to the Right from the Black Hole. You see the Blue Line above above Black Hole and bit to Right [It’s coming from the Grey Box near Top-Left side], use Cutting Plier on the same Y-Axis
Right-Side Wire: Look a bit to the Left from the Black Hole, and you’ll see 2 Wires crossing each other [Light Red & Dark Red]. Use Cutting Plier on the point where they’re crossing each other

Once done, click anywhere on the Wires in the Middle, to take them!

6. You see the Right-Side Wires. If you use Screwdriver, just abit above them, and Screwdriver will loosen the Board. Click on the Circuit Board to take it, take the Flashlight from under, and zoom out!

7. Click on Top of Screen, to view the Ceiling! Click on the Light, to zoom in. Click on the Button, to turn off the Power. Zoom out, and use Screw Driver on the Left-Side Fan’s Top-Left Screw, to unscrew all of the Screws. You see the small Green piece of something, Bottom-Right inside the Fan. Click to take the Battery!

8. You see the Rectangle [Fire Exit], next to the Light. Click to zoom in, and use Screw Driver on Fire Exit’s Bottom-Left Screw, to unscrew all of the screws. In your Inventory, drag the Battery, and release it on the Flashlight. Use Flashlight inside Fire Exit, and click to enter [Click inside Fire Exit after Flashlight is in your Inventory again]!

9. Click on the Rectangle-shaped Bomb on Right-Side [The one with many Wires], to zoom in. Click on Bomb to zoom in, and click on the Number Pad to zoom in. Enter the Code: 1010 [Stilll haven’t figured out why it is that code] – and press Enter. Zoom out Twice, and look at the Bottom-Right corner of the Bomb. You’ll kind of see something Blue [You see the 4 Dots on Right-Side. Look at the Top-Right Dot, and then move just abit to right]. Click to take Insulation Tape, and zoom out 4 Times!

10. Move Right Twice! Click on Top of Door, to zoom in that part. Look at the Text: “Total floor-134” – zoom out and Move Twice Right. Click on the Control Box on floor, open it, and zoom in. Put the Circuit Board back in Control Panel, and look on Middle, it says: “6666” – Put the Wires on Middle, and use Insulation Tape on each side of where you cut the Wires. Once done, zoom out, and Move Right Twice. Click on the Control Panel [Silver with Numbers], to zoom in! If you remember “6666”, you know you can turn it up-side down and get “9999”. If you also remember “Total floor-134”, you can make something like this: “9999 – 134 = 9865” – Click on the Numbers on Control Panel: 9 8 6 5 [Make sure light turns into Blue] – zoom out, and click on Elevator Door!


I really hope you all people like this Walkthrough. I didn’t like this game at all, but I hope this helps you get through it, at least. So, Enjoy!