weird-roomIf you’re having trouble beating Gamershood’s Weird Room Escape game, you should not worry anymore as I have prepared a walkthrough for you, a step by step guide telling you what to do in order to finish the game. Be warned that the game is full of bugs! So read on and try to beat it!

Full Weird Room Escape walkthrough:

1. Click the plants and note four numbers (they differ from game to game).
2. Go back and right and click the mirror to note the symbol. Go back and make the green boxes below resemble a chess board (on the top row, the first block to the left, the third and fifth should be black; on the row below, the second, fourth and sixth box should be black). Get the key from the hole that opens.
3. Note the rock to the right, on the floor and an orange thing to its right. Get it – it’s a key.
4. Click the lower right side of the piece of furniture the mirror is on, right where it meets the wall and the floor. You will notice a screwdriver there – pick it up!
5. Now click on the brown line above the bars and enter the code based on the numbers you saw on the plants (the code is the sum of the numbers). Do not click enter, just go back and the bards will be gone. Click the hole and get the blue key.
6. Go left and click the gray thing to the right of the table. Use screwdriver with it and note the code (it differs from game to game).
7. Go back and click the drawer and enter the code. Don’t press enter, just click the handle and get the golden key.
8. Note that under the colored circles near the door, there are some dots. Match the keys with the color and use them with these dots. After using the three keys, a keyhole will appear on the door – use the orange key with it and you’re out!