Resident Evil 5 Demo Is Very Popular

Resident Evil 5 Demo Is Very Popular

resident-evil-5-tongueProving that we were right to consider it one of the most anticipated game of the year on both Xbox 360 and PS3, Resident Evil 5 is doing very well for the moment – at least demo-wise. At least that’s the conclusion we get after hearing that the demo (on both consoles) was downloaded four million times! Which are impressive numbers, even if we’re talking about a demo.

I am curious to see if the actual game sales will rise to the expectations and at least match the number of demo downloads. One thing is clear, though: it will not get a boost in sales thanks to a Wii release because… well… there will be no Wii release and Capcom are really happy with that.

“When we set out to make ‘Resident Evil 5,’ the guys knew that if you want to make the most powerful, most pretty game, the Wii isn’t the best choice,” said to MTV Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi. “From a business perspective it may have been, but after making this game we are happy with the choice we made.”

I bet they are! Four million downloads are very promising numbers and I’ll surely keep them in mind and compare them with the sales following the release of Resident Evil 5 this March.