Our little trip to the future ends today, with the 10 hottest Xbox 360 games to be released in 2009! We have already analyzed the best upcoming games for PC systems, PlayStation 3 consoles and Wiis, so if you didn’t check them out already, now it’s a good time to do so. Otherwise, read on to find out our favorite upcoming Xbox 360 titles. Choosing just 10 games was (just as it happened with all the other platforms) pretty tough, but the list below should reflect the best of the best!

cod-mw210. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – a game which should not be ignored, no matter what platform we’re talking about. Activision’s first person shooter will return this year to modern times, after taking a short (and successful) break in the World War II setting (and even introducing nazi zombies). It remains to see if all gamers actually wish to get their third CoD game in three years or Activision should allow us enjoy their games a bit more before releasing a new one…

i-am-alive-small9. I Am Alive – this is definitely my most anticipated game of the year, even though solid details on it are pretty few. But I think I know enough already: survival action-adventure in a post-apocalyptic modern world – something like Lost, I Am Legend and Survivor combined! Sounds great, the first media released for the game looks even better and it’s developed by Ubisoft Montreal who should be able to create a very solid title if they learned anything from the previous Lost: Via Domus.

prototype-art8. Prototype – since we’d all love to be super heroes and have at least one superpower (how many times have you dreamed about being invincible or having the ability to become invisible?), Prototype, a game which makes most of our superhero dreams come true, has the potential to score big this year. Shapeshifting, flying, disguise techniques and much more – all in a sandbox type of game – make this upcoming title a smoking hot one. It’s just at number 8 because we’re still waiting for some more solid details…

7. Bayonetta – a game created by the mind behind Devil May Cry 4 is clearly a game we should put on our “most wanted” list. Even more, this upcoming action adventure features a very lethal heroine packed with guns – literally! Just imagine how cool will the fighting sequences be, since she has pistols in her boots and she wields a sword better than the most skilled ninja!

halo_wars6. Halo Wars – a twist to the Halo franchise, and a welcomed one, too. Halo Wars will be a real time strategy title, which means that it could have no success at all or become very, very popular: it all depends on how eager are the Halo 3 fans to change genres and, of course, if the RTS itself is a well done one. We all know that strategies on consoles were never too successful, but maybe Ensemble will change things around with this farewell gift…

sfiv5. Street Fighter IV – practically ’round the corner, since it hits retail stores this month, and still a smoking hot release. Street Fighter IV promises to deliver all that’s great in a fighting title: eye candy visuals, breathtaking combat and unique characters, both new and fan favorites. And since it’s next gen, it will also allow for online play, although I’m sure it would be more fun if you had a friend to come over and play an old school versus mode with!

halo3odst4. Halo 3: ODST – initially titled Halo 3: Recon, this standalone expansion wants to make sure that Halo 3 fans will still get their fair share of Halo this year if the real time strategy Halo Wars fails to impress. However, little is known about the expansion: all we know is that we’ll not be playing Master Chief anymore and that Bungie might do some experimental work – which we’re ready to test, right?

resident-evil-53. Resident Evil 5 – another title we’ll get a chance to play pretty soon, and one which might have the power to change the horror genre once more, just like its predecessor did. It will be released after receiving a fair share of criticism especially because of the black zombies (which was considered racism by some, even though the action takes place in Africa) but it promises to be a very solid title and fans of the horror genre can hardly wait to grab it and play it.

bioshock-22. BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams – probably most of you will find it funny for a game we know absolutely nothing about to stand at number 2, but if you have played the original title, you have to trust Take Two when they say it’s going to be big. Big and different, too, since they handed the game’s development to 2K Marin (instead of the Boston studio) just because they wanted the sequel to be very different. And that’s how any sequel should be like!

alan-wake1. Alan Wake – probably a title that tops the “most wanted” lists of gamers all over the world ever since it was announced in 2005. It is a game developed by the masterminds behind the Max Payne series and, just like the aforementioned title, this will be a psychological thriller. And even thought its story seems like an improved Max Payne story, Alan Wake will certainly rock the Xbox 360 consoles later this year when it’s released.

And now share your thoughts with the world: which are your most anticipated Xbox 360 titles for 2009?


  1. its too bad only 3 of those are exclusives(alan wake, halo wars, halo ODST, 2 of which are halo games because thats all that console lives off of. time for fanboys to get off halo’s #$%^ so that they can start expanding into other franchises and stop juicing the halo franchise.

  2. you know, just like metal gear solid, sony knows when enough is enough, thats why there’s talk of ONLY one more game, thank goodness for sony!

  3. Not a very good list, there is another site out there that put together a list of almost 130 games, is this the best you can do?

    At times I think these journalists put together these crippled lists just to covertly further the false presumption that the 360 has no games in 2009.

  4. Wiggle dude, STFU. They can milk Halo all they want as long as the games are good, and Halo Wars is shaping up to be pretty nice, so go watch a bluray or [email protected] or something. Actual gamers are talking over here.

  5. @Darkie: The title clearly states that I’m talking about the 10 hottest games only and not all the games to be released this year. All the previous lists were about the hottest 10 games, too and not all the releases. Because there can be thousands of titles – if there’s no quality, it doesn’t matter. And that’s what I wrote about here – the most promising 10 titles. There could be ten times more coming, but these are the best of the best, the ones everybody should keep an eye on.

  6. see and i thought the list was fine, even though i HATE halo… there’s nothing wrong with a system having a mascot (or 5 like Nintendo) why do these things always jump straight into flame wars… i don’t care that only 3 are exclusives because their all games i can buy for my 360. All things said though Sony doesn’t know when to walk away, what they know is to throw money at things till the problem is solved. That makes for few good products in a sea of garbage. IMO

  7. Calin i dont know how that douchebag can see anyuthing but anybody can clearly see thats a black soldier in the background just like the one in the front. gosh

    Im a huge Xbox supporter and i must say disincluding Alan Wake.. The rest look a bit dim

  8. Come on, guys, we should really stay calm. As I said, it was my bad with that picture, but it doesn’t really matter if it is Master Chief or not in the back (and, yes, it is) – but the list itself is important. Let’s not make a bigger deal out of this and let’s simply enjoy the thoughts of how cool playing these games will be. And I promise that in the future I will pay more attention to the images I post. :)

  9. I am really excited for Ghostbusters. I know its multi-platform, but the thought of hearing the original cast and crew in a new story that even Bill Murray was excited about is a prospect I can’t ignore.

  10. @ Calin: Sorry man, I wasint trying to turn this comment section into a flammer fued.. I was just a little frustrated with the ignorance of others… And the blatent name calling was just uncalled for…. What was the point of that Wolfy?

  11. That IS Master Chief, because that is a picture from Halo 3. NOT from Halo: ODST. Master Chief is NOT in Halo: ODST. It would not follow the story.

  12. This article is old so i don’t even think anyone will even read this. I really don’t get the whole playstation-xbox360 fanboy war. I love video games so I bought both(360 first because it was cheaper). I feel bad for PS fanboys cause they’ll never get to experiance Gears and other unbelievable xbox exclusives, and the same for xbox fanboys who will never play metal gear or god of war. Here’s an idea put the paddle down for a minute and try to get your pathetic asses layed.

  13. Don’t worry, Mike, even old articles are read every now and then :) And regarding your view on the console wars (and especially the fanboys): I totally agree. But we all know that they will never cease to exist and, in the end, it’s them who spice up the industry from time to time :)

  14. Looks like a pretty good list, although I don’t agree with ALL of it :). BTW here’s proof that old articles get read. I hadn’t heard of Alan Wake before, I’ll have to go check that out!


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