bombermanIn a strange turn of events, a guy was arrested in Japan after he threatened to send a bomb to Hudson, the developers of the fun and always fresh Bomberman games. The suspect, Takao Ike started threatening Hudson in October last year and until police got him sent 11 threats to the developers. Apparently he played their game too much…

Still, he was not satisfied with the quality of the Hudson-made titles (except for Bomberman, the Japanese company develops all sorts of strange games for the Wii), but that’s still not a solid enough reason to send in a bomb.

However, the guy was still being reasonable: he said that he would not send in any bombs if Hudson payed him 80 trillion yen (about $900 billion). Why 80 and not a round 100 – that beats me and probably anybody who would dare to try to find out what was happening in Takao Ike’s mind: he says he did that because, despite his demands to Hudson to improve the quality of their game, the company did nothing. I believe that there’s a medical explanation to this, though…


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