The mobile sports game Street Rugby is the title from Imobile. In this peculiar title, players assume the role of Sean O’Brien, a known rugby player. The game pretends to expose the real life of a rugby player, a specific one in this case and to do so the game counted with the help of the real character, Sean O’Brien himself. The player commented the final product:

The life of a professional rugby player sees you spend a lot of time travelling to and from matches. A lot of my time is spent on buses, at airports, on flights and in hotels and you end up flicking through your phone playing games! When I heard the Imobile lads were looking to get me involved in  Street Rugby I was very keen to find out more. I’ve got long flights to Hong Kong and Australia coming up so I was looking for something to pass the time on those as well!

This revolutionary arcade title follows the real life of Sean through the streets of Dublin, Ireland. The characters will tackle and travel all around the world, exactly as it’s done in real. There’s several achievements to conquer and challenges to take.