I’m sure that I’m not the only one who asked himself “What if Fallout” was real and we were surrounded by robots, Securitrons and mutants? Well… at least one more person asked himself the same question and he decided to take things into his own hands and start building the Fallout universe from scratch. Or something like that.

The important part is that he – Wasp1 – managed to build a real life, full size and eventually fully functional (without the weapons, though) Fallout Securitron and you can check it out in the image in the corner (click to enlarge).

Apparently, he is working on a Fallout movie or he’s really hardcore about Role Playing. I had to say that, but actually he’s working on a fan film, Fallout Houston. He sent to Duck and Cover forums two videos, one of them showing more of the Securitron in action and the second being a trailer of the movie which, by the way, looks really good!

Here’s the video of the real life Fallout 3 Securitron:

And here’s the movie trailer:

Congrats, Wasp1!