Many people are waiting anxiously for the upcoming update for Skyrim, update 1.4 (or patch 1.4 if you prefer to call it as they did in the good ol’ days), but things are still pretty foggy regarding the release date. Fortunately, Bethesda themselves decided to announce on Twitter that the Skyrim Update 1.4 is going to be released “very soon“. Not much info, but at least is better than nothing!

Bethesda also announced that very soon we’ll also have details about the Update 1.4, but we should expect to see some bug fixes as well as quest fixes, and PS 3 users should be happier now because it’s being reported that the problems the PS3 version of the game has will be addressed in this update. Good for us that we’re PC gamers and we don’t have to suffer!

So stay tuned for more details about the Skyrim Update 1.4!