Open world concept games have created a rave in the past decade and are consistently doing so with new games releasing every year. Skyrim is one such game that has practically revolutionized the popularity of open-world games even more. Although the Elder Scroll series has been around for quite some time now, Skyrim further elevated the experience of the gamers to the next level.

While the concept of Skyrim bosses did irk a sense of curiosity in the players’ minds, it was the unreachable list of bosses that made the whole experience even better. Given how carefully hidden some of these bosses are, it often ends up taking hours for the players to find them, if at all.

If you are one of those gamers who’s stuck in the middle of nowhere, here’s a list of the top unknown Skyrim bosses that you can make yourself aware of.

1. Vulthuryol

If there’s one hidden Skyrim boss that every game is actively seeking out, it’s Vulthuryol. The character is found underground in Blackreach. If you are desperate to find him, you need to go around and get access past the center area and then follow the yellow orb, which is located above the Hall of Rumination. Once there, the player has to project their Unrelenting Force following which Vulthuryol appears. But, one disappointing thing about this boss is his lack of uniqueness. He fights like any other scaly beast around.

2. The Old Orc

One unique thing about The Old Orc is his location. Unlike the other foes, he’s hidden away anywhere during the game, even on the road. The only issue is that you might miss him out. This Skyrim boss is not a very violent character; he’s just as dejected to be there. There is a trick to finding him. If you cross paths with him and decide to help him, you are going to get attacked. If you don’t choose to help him, he’ll consistently stand there and wait until his challenge is answered. Don’t encounter him till the fifth level.

3. The Pale Lady

What even is a game if it doesn’t have a badass female foe? The Pale Lady is nestled around Frostmere Crypt. For the Dragonborn to find her, they have to find the Crypt first. Once there, the player has to first encounter Elisa Blackthorn, who later will encourage the player to go ahead and find a hidden sword below. It is there that the character will find the old lady, who resides there to protect her weapon. You need to fight her to claim the powerful Pale Blade in the game, which will most definitely come in handy later.

4. Udefrykte

Another underrated Skyrim boss worth finding is Udefrykte. He is found in the Dawnstar Sanctuary if you are trying to locate him around in the game. The player needs to join Dark Brotherhood to be able to acknowledge the troll around. While you are trying to find them, make sure that you look around the area for a beast with bright yellow eyes. If you want to overpower them, remember that they are fragile to fire, so use that to your advantage.

5. Guardians Of The Headless Horseman’s Tomb

Another unusual encounter that you might have is with the Guardians Of The Headless Horseman’s Tomb. It is one of those easter eggs that Skyrim’s game developers have put inside the game for the players to discover. The Boss’ tomb is located in Hamvir’s Rest, so you can go around and check that on the map to locate them sooner. Even this character has a weak strength and doesn’t find well or sustain them well during the fights. While you are fighting them, look for a master chest around to gain some rewards instead.

6. Rude Warrior

As hypothetical as this character sounds, it is very much a real character and quite a violent one. Rude warrior will roam around, trying to trace Dragonborn to start a fight without any reason at all. If you are wondering where he’s located in the game to avoid encountering him, we are sorry to inform you that he is one of those random encounters that can pop up anywhere and at any time during the game. If you want to overthrow them, stab them in the gut or use any other weapon like an arrow or fireball to tame them, or kill them gradually.

7. Haldyn

If there’s one Skyrim Boss that is quite impossible to find, it is Haldyn. He appears in Rise in the East quest. But, the one downside to finding this boss is that the player has to boat to get to him, but once they overpower Haldyn and kill him, there’s no way for the player to get back to the mainland, getting them stuck there forever. Another way to find Haldyn is by reaching Japhet’s Folly. The player has to attack and get rid of all the pirates to summon Haldyn for the final battle. The Staff of Magnus is that one weapon that can ultimately kill Haldyn, so make sure that you have that in your inventory before attacking him.

8. Arondil

The last up on the list of the rare Skyrim Bosses is Arondil. He is a necromancer who lives off of the dead. As brutal and gory as that sounds, he is one of the highly-priced Skyrim bosses that not many players know about. The player needs to visit Yngvild to find Arondil. The player also needs to make use of the magicka draining attacks to encounter Arondil right away. The process is not easy and comes with its fair share of challenges, but it is worth it in the end. If the player doesn’t have an adequate inventory of weapons, they can sneak around his draugr and get a hand on the soul gem to make him combust with anger.


How many of these Skyrim bosses have you encountered during the game? Given how vengeful some of them are, we’d always suggest that you familiarize yourself with their weaknesses first and then plan your mode of attack to overtake them and put yourself up high on the charts.