Caves & Cliffs for free on Android: axolotls, wardens, cave generation, and more.

What’s new in Minecraft PE 1.17.100, 1.17.80 and 1.17.10 Caves and Cliffs Update?

Mojang Studios has packed up the most massive update so far. Caves & Cliffs Update is about to change almost everything in Minecraft PE 1.17.100, 1.17.80 and 1.17.10.

new cave generation

Cave and mountain generation will revolutionize the most. Moreover, a plethora of various mobs will join plains and forests, caverns and canyons, etc.


First of all, the Deep Depths is a new biome that includes a Warden as its main guard. According to one of the main devs, this mob has a ton of exciting features to show off.

It turns out it’s blind and can only feel vibrations other creatures make in MCPE 1.17.100, 1.17.80 and 1.17.10. You can distract it by throwing snowballs. Beware, though: every time you take a step, it hears you.

warden of the depths

Besides, there’s no point killing it: Warden is super-powerful. You will most likely be shattered since even Netherite armor-bearers cannot stand its hits.

Developers are also trying to balance Warden’s loot. Mojang Studios is trying to make it quite mattering indeed, but simultaneously users should not try to get it since Warden’s most exciting feature is stealth.


Caves & Cliffs Update is all about differences and contrast. For instance, Warden is a bulky monstrous creature of Minecraft PE 1.17.100, 1.17.80 and 1.17.10 depths.

On the other hand, we’ve got Axolotls. Those tiny adorable amphibians live in Lush Caves. It’s a new biome that can be effortlessly found by a notable tree on the surface. As a matter of fact, this place reminds us of MCPE 1.16.201, which introduced quite many biomes to the Nether.

friendly axolotls

Surprisingly enough, players can tame axolotls. We can even grab them in buckets. Furthermore, axolotls will fight off users’ foes.

They can sometimes play dead to strike the enemy unexpectedly and cruelly in MCPE 1.17.100, 1.17.80 and 1.17.10.

World Generation

Minecraft PE 1.17.100, 1.17.80 and 1.17.10 also features an updated cave generation, which looks utterly incongruous with what we had before. First of all, there are a few biomes now. Additionally, the highest peaks have been modified significantly as well.

cave biomes

Goats live there, and powder snow poses a threat to everyone without leather boots in MCPE 1.17.100, 1.17.80 and 1.17.10. As you can tell, Caves & Cliffs Update has got quite a lot to offer.

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Minecraft Bedrock Edition
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