Are you trying to figure out how to play minecraft when you’re a beginner? Read this article to learn the best tips for playing minecraft as a newbie.

Minecraft is the ultimate digital playground, a realm of limitless possibilities.

It’s still the go-to for one of the largest online communities of gamers. The only problem is that it’s not the most welcoming game for beginners.

Learning how to play Minecraft is the quest of overcoming a steep learning curve. There are no guiding objectives and helpful tutorials. The good news is that you can heed the advice of seasoned players, who’ve been through the rites of passage.

  1. Download the Right Version of the Game

Minecraft is available on most modern platforms, including smartphones.

You can download and purchase it via Minecraft.net. Before you do that though, you want to consider the suitable version.

In particular, understand the Minecraft Java vs Bedrock distinction. The exact version determines which operating system you can run the game on and what game options are unlocked. Bedrock, for instance, isn’t compatible with Linux and macOS.

  1. Start the Game in Survival Mode

Upon installing the game, load it, and select “Singleplayer”.

Click on the “Create New World” option and then “Game Mode”. Here, you’ll have a chance to pick “Survival Mode”. As the name suggests, it sets you on a survival adventure in which you have to do all the heavy lifting yourself.

Yes, there are four other modes. However, they either don’t offer as many valuable lessons to newcomers or are downright grueling experiences.

  1. Get Your Priorities Straight

While quest objectives don’t really exist, there is an optimal progression path to follow.

You start from nothing, so the first order of business is collecting materials. They are used to build a shelter, set up a bed, and secure food. You’ll need a shovel for the shelter, and wool and wood for the bed.

That’s usually enough to survive the night and see the next day. So, you better start swinging tools at everything around you. Most objects break under the impact and provide items such as logs.

  1. Stock up on Resources

Once you meet fundamental needs, it’s time to expand the scope.

Carefully scour the world for valuable resources, such as iron ore and diamond. They allow you to forge gear, as well as weapons and armor. You can’t venture far or tackle hostile creatures without these items.

To check items you have in your inventory at any time, simply press “E” (default). Notice you need a crafting table and ample resources to craft things.

Oh, and speaking of things, always have torches available— they illuminate dark corridors.

  1. Obtain Powerful Tools

Tools are essential because they enable you to collect resources faster.

We would recommend focusing on acquiring pickaxes, axes, shovels, hoes, and swords. With them in your arsenal, you’ll be able to do everything from sowing seeds to slaying monsters.

Just make sure you understand the resource requirements for crafting.

When you finally feel ready, you can push the boundaries. Upgrade your shelter and begin roaming the open world. Uncover hidden chests and explore villages.

The world is your oyster.

How to Play Minecraft Like a Pro? Now You Know! 

Understanding how to play Minecraft comes after many trials and tribulations.

You have to fight tooth and nail to survive and eventually thrive. But, with the tips we offered, you should be able to hit the ground running and overcome the challenges.

In due time, you’ll do some bountiful prospecting and embark on memorable escapades.

Check out our guide section for more gaming tips and tricks. More power to you!