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Thinking of buying a gift for that gaming junkie in your life? But, have no clue about the gaming world? Worry not. Let us help you with gift ideas for gamers. Gamers are such adorable beings, they live in their own virtual world. Avoid physical human contact but have thousands of virtual friends, are usually the introvert type, and like to stay away from all the drama. Gamers are hard to please when it comes to gifts, it is certainly difficult to choose the best gift for them.

Worried you know nothing about gaming and are not sure about what to gift them? Your hunt for the best gifts for gamers ends here.

Gamers are the cool tech guys in your life that introduce you to the new technology and are always ahead of the game. So what can you possibly gift a gamer that is as cool as them? Here’s a list of top 10 gifts for gamers in 2021 that will help buy the perfect gift. From the latest gaming console to a fancy gaming chair, this list covers all the cool gaming stuff that is always on gamers’ wishlists.

1. Gift cards

When you don’t know what to gift, a gift card is your best bet. The gaming industry has changed significantly over the years, modern games need modern technology. Gamers are moving towards cloud-based games and with ease. It’s a perfect way to build a virtual library full of games. Gamers are always on the lookout for new and interesting games. 

Gift cards allow gamers to choose the perfect game for themselves. We know choosing gifts can be daunting, save yourself the hassle and let the gamers decide what they want. Gift cards like Nintendo eShop gift cards, Playstation digital gift cards, or Xbox Digital gift cards are good choices. 

2. Gaming Mouse

A mouse is a dear accessory for any pc gamer. A gamer primarily uses a mouse for playing games and to show their gaming skills. A good gaming mouse gives them a slight edge over other players. Some games require a good mouse and some work well with an average designed mouse as well. 

Games are fast-paced and somedays frustrating. It is the mouse that bears the brunt during such intense moments. Gift a good mouse to a gamer and they will be the happiest. A few things to consider before buying a gaming mouse is to know what kind of games does the gamer play and the design of the mouse. A large mouse that doesn’t fit well in your hand and is difficult to maneuver will be the wrong choice. Other aspects to consider are specifications and price points. Razer Viper mini, Glorious Moel O, and Roccat Kone Pro Air are a few of the many best gaming mouses available. 

3. Steam Deck Handheld Console

Steam Deck is the new kid on the block. Gifting new gadgets to gamers is always a winner. Steam Deck is a console that does more than just gaming, it works like a portable pc. You can play games from Steam library and install other game stores as well. It’s a portable pc in the true sense, you can plug it into a monitor or tv to stream videos or use apps. 

It’s a complete package for gamers on the go. The bookings for pre-order have already begun. What’s better than gifting the latest and coolest tech gadget that is going to be the future of gaming.

4. Personalized gamer tag signs

Forget old predictable gaming gifts. Up your gifting game by opting for personalized gift ideas for gamers. With more and more gamers taking their passion for gaming on live streaming platforms, personalized gifts that are aesthetically pleasing are becoming popular.

A gamer’s name is their virtual identity, a name earned with dedication and passion. Gifting a personalized gamer tag sign will make a gamer proud of themselves and it will also make them happy that you consider them to be important to you to put in all that effort. These signs add aesthetic value to a gamer’s den. 

5. Blue light blocking glasses

Blue light blocking glasses are one of the best gifts for gamers. Gamers tend to spend most of their time staring at a screen, be it a monitor, tv, or phone. All that blue light staring back at them is stressful for their eyes. Not too long before gamers will have special eye care routines designed for them. Don’t wait for that to happen, gift them a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses if you worry about their eye health. 

These specially made glasses block the harmful blue light and reduce strain on the eyes. Consider GameKing clip-on computer glasses, Gamma Ray Blue Light blocking glasses, and GUNNAR Razer RPG glasses as good options.

6. Mario Cart Live: Home Circuit

Mario cart

Mario Cart Live is a good gift idea for young gamers to give them an experience of old-school gaming combined with modern technology. Not just for the younger lot, adults will find this gift even more appealing as it will take them back to their childhood. It’s a hybrid between traditional video games and augmented reality.

This game comes with a remote-controlled Mario kart and lets you turn your floor into a race track. The AR world of Mario is one of the best gaming gifts to consider. 

7. Oculus Quest 2 

Oculus Quest 2 is the best virtual reality system available right now and is considered the best gift for a gamer. Many gamers already have this on their wishlist. Gamers love to keep up with trends from the gaming world and what’s better than gifting them a trendy cool VR headset. This is a fun gifting option that packs in quality and coolness. It is also one of the affordable yet power-packed headsets.

It gives you a superb VR experience, so much so that VR-induced motion sickness becomes a reality. Not just gamers but their friends and family can also indulge in VR experiences and have a blast. It’s a gift that everybody can enjoy. 

Final Verdict

Not just cool new gadgets but personalized gifts and accessories are the best gifts for gamers in 2021. No matter how well you know the gaming world, these gifts will surely impress gamers. All kinds of gamers, be it young, old, male, female, newbie, or a pro everybody will enjoy these gifts.