Creative Packaging is Helping CBD Brands Stand Out

Most people are used cannabis products being packaged in the blandest, drabbest designs possible. However, with the growing acceptance of CBD and the easing of many restrictions concerning the sale of cannabis products, that is all starting to change.

No longer is everything single product out there painted in dark, dreary colors. For example, any half decent Premium Jane review is certain to mention the different colors and exciting elements of CBD packaging these days.

However, it isn’t just about making things look pretty – it is also about helping to further the plight of CBD oil in general.


Here’s how all new and innovative packaging is helping CBD brands stand out from the crowd.

Why CBD Brands Feel the Need to Use Such Creative Packaging

It is no surprise to find that so many different CBD brands are utilizing new and exciting packaging, as it helps build one crucial aspect of any business: their brand identity.

While it would be nice to imagine a world wherein people only shop based on the most efficient product and the cost ratio, the truth of the matter is more superficial. People generally prefer to buy from brands that they trust or, failing that, brands that they at least recognize.

There is a reason that Coca Cola advertises like crazy despite being the most popular soft drink in the world. It isn’t about convincing new people to try their product but maintaining brand identity and keeping people coming back.

The same is true for CBD products; considering that CBD is primarily about personal wellness, it is only sensible that brands want to be associated with that idea.

It isn’t just about being eye catching, though; the key for CBD brands is to be remembered as a positive influence on the world around them.

This is why shoppers will notice a lot of different CBD brands focusing heavily on their sustainability, nutrient contents, and the effectiveness of their products. After all, there is a significant crossover between those looking for general wellness in the form of CBD and those who care about sustainability.

However, there can be some problems, especially when it comes to striking a bargain between attractive design and pragmatic containers.

The Issue With Creative Packaging & CBD

Alcoholic beverages or other products at the supermarket are very easy to decorate and cover with cool and exciting designs without consequence. This is because, most of the time, their functional designs don’t change much across different brands or types of products.

No matter how a brand designs them, a beer needs to come in a can or a bottle. CBD products, however, are a little bit different.

There is a difficulty with clever designs in that CBD products come in lots of different shapes and sizes. CBD oils, CBD lozenges, CBD vape liquids, and even CBD dabs all require different packaging and different containers.

This diversity in practical packaging makes it hard for CBD brands to maintain a consistent design aesthetic.

Most of the time, CBD brands will focus on a particular color scheme in an effort to stand out but still maintain a cohesive brand image.

There is also the issue of providing useful technical information about the products.

CBD and other cannabis products aren’t like regular supermarket goods – brands need to provide useful, clear, and concise info for their customers.

Studies have shown that labeling accuracy in CBD products has actually gotten worse in the last few years. This could be the result of many CBD brands trying to create a more exciting and innovative design packaging that inspires more brand awareness, rather than offering practical advice.

This careful dance between pragmatism, visual flair, and brand identity is still a matter of contention across the industry and will likely remain so for years to come.

Final Thoughts on How Creative Packaging Is Helping CBD Brands Stand out

Creative packaging and brand identity are key aspects of any industry, but it is only just now becoming the norm in the CBD world.

Expect to find all sorts of creative designs and packaging in the future, but make sure to keep an eye out for useful information as well.

If nothing else, at least the plethora of different designs helps CBD products to stand out from the crowd.