These trying times had us all focusing a little more on our mental and physical health. Cases of anxiety, panic attacks, and depression were far higher in number than anything we would’ve seen earlier.

Looking after yourself mentally is just as important, if not more pivotal than physical health. While we are aware that physical wounds can heal in a particular period, the same isn’t for mental health.

One of the best ways to practice better mental health and being in a state of calm is through meditation. Meditation dates back to sometime around 5,000 BCE but has become mainstream ever since. 

The practice of meditation seems quite simple. All you have to do is sit comfortably, close your eyes and breathe. Although this sounds like a cakewalk it is usually the opposite for many – especially beginners. There are also several guided meditation videos on Youtube, but when ads keep interrupting your meditation. It isn’t really that calming. 

Hence, we did our research and found the best meditating apps that will make the process and practice of meditation a lot easier and guarantees you a much calmer state of mind. Let’s take a look at what they are and what their apps offer users.

1. Headspace

Headspace is perfect – not just for meditation but also for learning mindfulness lessons. Headspace really has it all. They consider every single aspect when it comes to mental health. 

Headspace offers different types of guided meditations for various aspects like stress management, sleep, focus, anxiety, and mind-body health. Another great feature about this guided meditation app is that they are fully aware of your busy schedule and choose between 3,10, 20, and 30 minutes guided meditations.

The app also includes narration of calming stories that take place at different locations. They also have audio experiences with nature sounds that will put you into a calming, deep, restful sleep

The app doesn’t limit itself to just mental health exercises but also offers a Move Mode that includes home workouts, mood lightening and boosting, and 28- day mindful fitness coaching. 

Headspace is of the best apps for guided meditations and mindfulness coaching. It teaches you new skills to cope with life and is there for you when you have troubling days. You can also track your progress and add it to your Apple Health if you use an iOS device.

2. Calm

It doesn’t matter what level you have reached when it comes to meditation because Clam has one for users in the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Calm has won several awards for being the best app and the happiest app globally for its services.

It is a great meditation app that guides you with sleep, relaxation, and meditation. It has several calming stories, and ambient nature sounds to calm and relax.  Meditation with the help of Calm will help you learn how to manage stress with the new skills you will possess.

Calm also includes bedtime or sleep stories that render you to a night of deep and restful sleep, completely unwinding from the hectic and stressful day. Narrations of sleep stories are by talented people from various industries like Jerome Flynn, Matthew McConaughey, Leona Lewis, and Stephen Fry. 

Calm understands your busy schedule and knows you can’t always find the time to get into a thirty-minute meditation session and hence offers short sessions based on your time that includes 3,5,10,15,20, and 25-minute sessions. 

3. Insight Timer

Insight timer is an app that is one of the best. It provides expert solutions and guidance from meditation teachers like Mark Coleman, Andy Hobson, Tom Evans, Vidyamala Burch, and many more.

This app has also won several awards like; The app of the year, happiest app in the world, and fully understand also holds a record for being the most used app among meditation apps. Insight timer is a completely free app that guides you through your meditation and provides you with the necessary skills to practice mindfulness. 

The app also includes talks from the experts of the world in the field of psychology and neurosciences. It also includes music by world-renowned artists for a more relaxing meditation session.

Meditate is for people of all ages and levels in meditating. It guarantees an upliftment of mood, improved levels of happiness, calm, reduced anxiety, improved sleep patterns, stress reduction, improved practices of self-love, and self-compassion, along with many other great benefits for your mental and physical health.

4. Aura

The app’s calming aesthetic design is reason enough to download and use it, but it also has several benefits. Aura has just three-minute meditation sessions, unlike other apps that offer options for various timings. 

Aura’s guided meditation app is for anyone that would like to reduce their anxiety, stress and improve their mindfulness, self-compassion, self-love, self-esteem, practicing acceptance, focusing on the present, practicing patience and tolerance, and much more. 

It is the perfect app to take a mindfulness practice between your busy schedule. Aura’s guidance will help you take control of your stress and anxiety by putting a permanent end to lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, sleep issues, migraines, and much more. 

5. Sattva Meditations & Mantras

Sattva meditations and mantras take their stance in ancient meditation practices to soothe and calm your soul and mind. Meditation has been a practice for centuries, and they include chants and mantras to increase bodily vibrations. 

Although you may be a beginner at meditation, Sattva’s guided meditations are easy to follow and offer a deep and powerful meditation experience. The app offers over a hundred guided meditations alongside chants and mantras for those seasoned practitioners of meditation. 

Sattva organizes its meditations based on categories and playlists to help do your search a lot more accessible. It guarantees learning and growth in various aspects that improve your mental, emotional and physical health. 

Many users love sattva meditations and mantras because of the homage it pays to authentic reflection, unlike many others that use it for the modern trend that it has become.


Meditation is an integral step for self-awareness, growth, and overall well-being. The above-listed apps, with the help of scientific studies and learning methods to help you have the best experience possible. Take the first step with meditation and notice the vast improvement in your life.