You can have a great time at home by playing slot games for free at Casinonic –, isn’t it? But there are many myths associated with slot machines. So, let’s take a look at the top myths about online slots and bust ‘em.

There are tons of websites where you can play online slot games. And each visitor to such a site has his own opinion about how or when is better to play slots. Usually, such “opinions” are nothing else but myths which were born by the mind of a superstitious player, and they are mainly composed either by those who are lucky enough to hit a big jackpot, or, on the contrary, by the players, who lose in one way or another. The operation of slot machines is a completely random algorithm built by the software developers of well-known brands.

The casino changes the game settings and does not allow you to win

The most common myth among those who did not catch their luck by the tail. Remember: the frequency of winnings is set by the developer of one slot or another. It cannot be changed by the casino operator himself. For example, Casinonic online slot machines, like other slots in licensed casinos, are launched not on casino servers, but the servers of the developer company. So, it is unrealistic to interfere with the operation of slots, and besides, such actions are a violation of the law.

Online slot machines for money

An ordinary player cannot win a jackpot in slot machines

Some gamblers who are caught in a streak of bad luck are spreading the myth that the jackpot is always won by a figurehead. This is impossible for the same reason as in the first myth. The casino owners cannot interfere with the operation of the machines.

You can hit the jackpot in slots that have not given out winnings for a long time

If you look at the theory of probability, then there is a logic in this opinion. But as for practice, only His Majesty Chance decides here, because the algorithm for issuing a win is completely random. Also, don’t forget about mathematical deviations. You can debunk this myth yourself by trying for some time to play Casinonic slot machines for free.

Demo mode allows you to win more often

This myth is based on the superstition that in free versions of online slots, wins occur much more often than when a player plays for real money. This is an erroneous assumption. All slots, no matter free or real money ones, give out winnings in the same way. This is done for the player to get acquainted with the game and understand that the streak of failures can also be in the free version of online casino games.