oasisIt appears that not only Harmonix wanted to start strong in February, but Activision too. Therefore, the company announced the release of a full Oasis album for Guitar Hero World Tour. The album is Dig Out Your Soul and can be purchased entirely for 1,520 Microsoft Points ($18.99) or track-by-track for 160 MS Points per track. Here are the featured songs:

Oasis – The Turning
Oasis – I’m Outta Time
Oasis – (Get Off Your) High Horse Lady
Oasis – Falling Down
Oasis – To Be Where There’s Life
Oasis – Ain’t Got Nothin’
Oasis – The Nature of Reality
Oasis – Soldier On

Dig Out Your Soul is the latest album from Oasis. However, I am sure that most of the fans would’ve preferred to hear about the release of their debut album Definitely Maybe or (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? Well… we can never know what will follow…