A very, very sensible spot has been touched by animation team New York Dragons with their recently released Slaves of FarmVille video in which they try to funnily present the FarmVille addiction that has taken over the world (or most of it).

The clip is extremely well animated and, no matter if we like it or not, we must agree that manages to capture a few key points of FarmVille and, even though it takes things a level too far, it’s extremely funny and I guess that everybody with a good sense of humor should love it and of course, don’t take it too seriously.

However, not everybody does so and the Slaves of FarmVille video has already sparked up some controversy because of its relation to the times when slavery was real and because of the character that looks like the plantation owner Colonel Sanders.

Personally, I only find this video hilarious and nothing but a joke, but watch it below and tell use what you think about Slaves of FarmVille (the video):

Well… liked it or it went too far?