A new gift mastery event has been released by Zynga in Mafia Wars, simply called Incognito. The reward for completing this event is a superior vehicle, the Foxy car which has some incredible stats: 171 Attack and 71 defense.

I am sure that you want to know everything about this event and win the grand prize, so read on all the details about the Incognito Gift Mastery Event in Mafia Wars in this guide!

In the Incognito event, the three gifts we will be sending and accepting boots. We get 5 boosts per gift and these are: Briefcase Gun (+130 Attack skill), Good Word (+130 Defense Skill) and Toe Jammers (150% robbing increase).

The mastery rewards for each of these gifts can be seen in the image below:

The bad news is that for now there’s a limit of 10 of each gifts that we can receive per day, so it won’t be too soon we’ll be finishing the Incognito gifting event unless we decide to start spending Reward Points (but there’s no hurry to do that!).