Zynga has released a brand new feature in Mafia Wars, a set of daily deals that offer us some really special items and some amazing prices. 7 Deadly Deeds is the name of the feature and, as you can imagine, if offers us 7 hot daily deals which can be purchased for Reward Points (click the image to the left to see it).

The catch is that each daily deal offers you more items for the same price. This means that the Day 1 Daily deal will offer you 1 item for 40 Reward Points, while the 5th Daily Deal will offer 5 items for the same price. So the more active you are, the more items you are going to get.

However, it is not that simple and you can’t just wait for day 7 and get all the goodies: in order to buy a daily deal, you must have purchased at least one more previous Deadly Deals in Mafia Wars. For example, if you want to purchase 2 Day 3 Deals, you must have purchased 2 Day 2 Deals.

The 7 Deadly Deeds end om May 31st – so tell us if you plan of buying them, now that you can see all the items (in the upper left corner)