London is the latest location to be released in Mafia Wars and everybody is really curious to find all the details about it. Although, as you can imagine, it’s a pretty big release and there are many new things and features in London, I have decided to share with you all the possible information about this new location in a complete (or almost complete) guide to Mafia Wars London.

First, it’s worth noting that we’ll start our trip in Mafia Wars’ London with an 100 London Pounds bonus from Zynga (which is not much, actually). But then we’ll start completing the jobs in the new city and things will change.

There are three districts in Mafia Wars London: Notes From The Underground, East End Story and Dead in Red. All the districts can be completed by doing jobs which require energy and there are four mastery level for each district: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ruby. This time around, mastering a district will unlock a brand new property in the game alongside the mastery rewards (more about this below)

London also introduces a bunch of new consumables (Betting Slip, Energy Drink, Jagged Edge, Rubber Gloves and Disguise Mask) as well as a lot of loot items that are usually specific to a single district, even though some loot items can drop in all districts.

I am sure you are very curious to find out which are the Mastery Rewards for the London Districts in Mafia Wars, and I am going to share these details below:

District 1 – Notes From The Underground reward

Bronze Mastery -Streetfighter (154/90)
Silver Mastery -Streetfighter (174/100)
Gold Mastery -Streetfighter (194/110)
Ruby Mastery -Streetfighter (214/120)

District 2 – East End Story reward

Bronze Mastery – East End Lightning (102/177)
Silver Mastery – East End Lightning (112/197)
Gold Mastery – East End Lightning (122/217)
Ruby Mastery – East End Lightning (132/237)

District 3 – Dead in Red reward

Bronze Mastery – British Royal (201/110)
Silver Mastery – British Royal (221/120)
Gold Mastery – British Royal (241/130)
Ruby Mastery – British Royal (261/140)

Also, right now, there are three new properties in Mafia Wars London, one per district: Olympic Stadium (generates pounds every 8 hours), East End Pub (build consumables here) and Night Club (buy exclusive items for London Pounds).

We also have three new collections in the new city in Mafia Wars and I am sharing with you below the rewards for vaulting these new collections (and you can only vault them once):

Training Day Collection – Vault for +30 Health
Daily Wages Collection – Vault for +25 Attack
Heel Hath No Fury Collection – Vault for +25 Energy

And finally, there are 12 new achievements to unlock in Mafia Wars London, and you can see all the details below:

Count Your Pennies – Earned by having 1 million Pounds in the bank
Barmy Army – Earned by acquiring a total of 200 crew in London
Jack the Ripped – Earned by winning 10000 fights in London
Industrial Revolution – Earned by fully upgrading one property in London
Jolly Good Show! Bronze – Earned by completing the Bronze level Mastery of Districts 1-3 in London
Jolly Good Show! Silver – Earned by completing the Silver level Mastery of Districts 1-3 in London
Jolly Good Show! Gold – Earned by completing the Gold level Mastery of Districts 1-3 in London
Jolly Good Show! Ruby – Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of Districts 1-3 in London
Oliver Twisted – Earned by robbing 1000 times in London
Street Fighting Man – Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of District 1 in London
East is East – Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of District 2 in London
Knightclub in Shining Armor – Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of District 3 in London

I hope that this guide to Mafia Wars London answers most of your questions regarding the new content in the new city and if it does, don’t forget to share this article with your friends – they will certainly find it useful too!