In Marvel Avengers Alliance, one of the most difficult tasks will be that of defeating the epic bosses because they are… well… epic! But it’s not an easy task, and if you want to succeed in defeating the epic bosses you will have to use specific heroes. I am here to share with you all the details in this guide on how to defeat epic bosses in MAA!

Elektra (Chapter 2-3)
Use hero: Black Cat to defeat
Elektra Drops: Grecian Sai – counter and bleed effect

Magneto (Chapter 4-4)
Use hero: Storm
Magneto Drops: Magnetic Field Generator – creates shields and when the shields are removed the ally gains an extra turn

Dr. Doom (Chapter 3-5)
Use hero: Spiderman
Dr. Doom drops: The Doombringer – Debuff an enemy and raise your agents stats

Loki (Chapter 5-3)
Use hero: Wolverine
Loki drops: Norn Stone – Increase all the agents’s stats

Doctor Octopus (Chapter 6-3)
Use hero: Black Widow
Doctor Octopus Drops: Electrostatic Arm – Attacks will also shock enemies; enemies with negative charge receive extra damage

Have in mind that in order to actually get the Epic Bosses, you will have to complete all the missions in the chapter.