I have some great news for the Mafia Wars players who were hoping to get a new set of City Missions in the game: Zynga decided to release today the London City missions and I am sure you will have a great time completing them – and I am here to share with you all the details.

We all know that in Brazil there are about 60 city missions, so we can only assume that things are similar with the London City Missions. However, I can only share with you today details about the first 10 missions, but I guess that this is a good start.

Can’t see the London City Missions? Make sure that you actually travel to London, otherwise you won’t get the icon to start the missions! Now let’s check out the guide to the missions!

Part 1: Object of the Game
– Fight 5 Opponents in London
– Acquire 1 Weapon
Rewards: 3 Power Pack, 100 Pounds, 2 RP and XP based on level

Part 2: The Umpires Decision
– Collect from Your Olympic Stadium 1 Times
– Rob 3 Times in London
Rewards: 5 Free Skills, 150 Pounds, XP based on level

Part 3: Eye on the Prize
– Loot 5 Bearskin Hat from Fights in London
– Job “Watch the fight” 5 times
Rewards: 50 Hired Guns, 200 Pounds, XP Based on level

Part 4: Bent Rules
– Ice 3 Opponents in London
– Loot 5 ol’ Bloke from Job “Collect Your Take”
– Declare a War 2 Times
Rewards: 3 Barmy Army Members (127A, 81D), 3 RP, 5 Free Skill and XP Based on Level

Part 5: Feed the Craving
– Loot 8 Knuckle Knives from Job “Watch the Fight”
– Activate 4 Crew Members in London
– Get support from Your Mafia 10 Times
– Fight 25 Opponents in London
Rewards: 2 Grass Snakes (110 A, 69D), 100 Pounds, XP based on level

Part 6: Full yet Empty
– Job “Collect Your Take” 10 Times
– Collect from Your Olympic Stadium 4 Times
– Get 6 Crew Members
– Rob 15 Times in London
Rewards: 20 Hired Guns, 50 Pounds and XP based on level

Part 7: Hidden Agenda
– Make 6 Items from Your East End Pub
– Win 20 Fights in London
– Upgrade Your East End Pub 2 times
– Declare War 3 Times
Rewards: 4 Construction Boots (67A, 106D), XP based on level

Part 8: Fire in the Belly
– Help in a War 16 Times
– Ice 15 Opponents in London
– Job “Burn Down a Brand New Condo” 12 Times
Rewards: 3 Night Clubbers (59A, 91D), XP based on level;

Part 9: Put the Kettle On
– Job “Approach the Police with Leads” 10 times
– Loot 20 Royal Hats from Robbing
– Clear 10 Robbing Boards
– Get Support from Your Mafia 15 Times
Rewards: 20 Victory Points, 75 Pounds, XP based on level

Part 10: Bring to a Boil
– Ask for 10 Neon Weldguards from Mafia
– Loot 25 Silver Sides from Fights in London
– Buy 4 Items from Your Nightclub
– Upgrade Your Nightclub 3 Times
Rewards: 2 Tailspins (111A, 70D), XP based on Level

So I guess that it’s nice to see that these London City Missions in Mafia Wars come with some really nice loot items and overall some great rewards!