Today we get the chance to improve even further our CityVille cities by completing the Scenic Hill in the game, a brand new structure that allows us to convert goods into Special Delivery Boxes, that can be then opened for needed parts for buildings. Add to that the fact that the Scenic Hill actually looks amazing (as you can see in the image – click to enlarge) and you have a really winner here!

The CityVille Scenic Hill is introduced by a new mission, View from the Top which requires the following from us:

– Place the Scenic Hill
– Build the Scenic Hill
– Collect from the Observation Tower 30 times

The reward for completing the Scenic Hill mission is 10,000 goods and the building itself, which is pretty large (10×10 footprint).

Here are the requirements for building/completing the Scenic Hill:

And once you have it completed, as I said at the beginning of this article, you can trade in goods here in order to get Special Delivery Boxes filled with items that you need for your buildings.